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Alter Ego is currently available in (CA / AZ / NV / UT / NM / OR / WA / ID) through Bassett Salon Solutions
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Smoothing Balm 100 ml Smoothing Balm 100 ml

Taming and smoothing fluid.

Volume Spray 200 ml Volume Spray 200 ml

Creates soft volume and big body.

Polishing Creme 125 ml Polishing Creme 125 ml

Polishes hair for a lustrous silky finish, enhances texture and disciplines during styling.

Raw Clay 50ml Raw Clay 50ml

Great for creating lived-in matte looks.

Sculptex Gel 250ml Sculptex Gel 250ml

Fluid texture with hydrating properties fixes, freezes and builds lasting styles.

Light Imprint Moulding Paste 100ml Light Imprint Moulding Paste 100ml

Multi-functional paste with hydrating properties perfect for accentuating, defining and separating details.

Ocean Mist 150ml Ocean Mist 150ml

Live that sexy windswept summer look all year round!

Classic Pomade 50ml Classic Pomade 50ml

Water-based wax with extreme shine.

Headged 150ml Headged 150ml

Controls shape and gives medium hold.

Love Me Curl 250ml Love Me Curl 250ml

Magnificent memory effect for long lasting curl hold.

Volume Primer 150ml Volume Primer 150ml

Wraps a soft protective film around the hair shaft to leave hair looking and feeling thicker and healthier.

Modelling Gel - 5.07oz Modelling Gel - 5.07oz

Alcohol free ultra strong hold modelling gel that defines, molds and adds movement to hair.

Grip It On - 10oz Grip It On - 10oz

Strong hold mousse for maximum body and lasting control with an excellent anti-frizz action.

Instant Cleanse - 8oz Instant Cleanse - 8oz

Cleanses and refreshes hair for soft and brushable hair. Leaving no white residue.

Hi T Security - 10oz Hi T Security - 10oz

Guaranteed protection, flexibility and brilliance during all stages of heat styling.

Vo-lux-ious - 10oz Vo-lux-ious - 10oz

Volumizing hairspray elevates and satisfies structures in need of big body and super elasticity.