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Davines is currently available in (CA / AZ / NV) through Bassett Salon Solutions
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OI / Shampoo OI / Shampoo

Delicate and creamy shampoo with roucou oil.

OI / Conditioner OI / Conditioner

Creamy conditioner with roucou oil and apricot butter.

OI / All In One Milk OI / All In One Milk

A multibenefit beauty treatment product for all types of hair with roucou oil.

OI / Oil OI / Oil

Absolute beautifying potion, delicate enough for everyday use.

OI / Body Wash - 280ml OI / Body Wash - 280ml

Immerse yourself in the sensorial experience of OI from head to toe.

Davines OI Hand Balm Davines OI Hand Balm

Experience Absolute Beauty For Your Hands!

Davines OI Hair Butter Davines OI Hair Butter

Provides extraordinary shine and softness to the hair while helping to manage frizz.