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First and foremost we’d like to thank Ron and Al Wyse for the incredible opportunity to continue the Ed Wyse legacy their father started over 60 years ago. They are an amazing family and loved by so many! The industry will not be the same without them.

We’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves, share our mission and welcome you to the Bassett Family. With deep roots in the salon industry, Bassett Salon Solutions was created by Ward and Christina Bassett in 2007. Started with a bold vision to exist “For the Health and Wealth of the Hairdresser”, we chose to dedicate our business strictly to the hairdresser. Serving the independent salon owner and stylist has been and always will be our focus.

On all levels Team Bassett is working hard to fill a need and shape our industry. We believe great people, make great companies. We have some of the greatest in the industry to carry our vision so you can finish your career healthier and wealthier than when you started! Our success is realized moments after our client’s goals are achieved; we will therefore pursue your goals as if they were our own.

We are excited to extend our reach to serve hairdressers and salon owners in the Pacific Northwest.
We look forward to working for you!