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GKhair is currently available in (CA / AZ / NV / UT / OR / WA / ID) through Bassett Salon Solutions.
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GK Thermal Round Brushes GK Thermal Round Brushes

Create smooth looks with these thermal brushes.

GK Vent Brush GK Vent Brush

For concentrated consistent drying.

Ear Protector Ear Protector

Device that minimizes burns from curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers, and hair driers.

GK Fine Tooth Comb GK Fine Tooth Comb

This is a flat comb that detangles and arranges hair with precision.

GK Embroidered Stylist Apron GK Embroidered Stylist Apron

This custom stylist apron is to easy slip on with two front pockets for combs, clips or essential hair accessories.

Embroidered Cape Embroidered Cape

High quality hairdressing cape, embroidered with GKhair’s logo and clasp behind the neck.

Heat Resistant Glove Heat Resistant Glove

GKhair’s heat resistant glove is perfected to protect your fingers while using electrical hair tools.

Non-Woven Bag Non-Woven Bag

GK’s Non-Woven bag is a reusable shopping bag with a clasp. The fabric-like material is durable, eco-friendly and washable.

Paper Merchandise Bag Paper Merchandise Bag

GKhair’s laminated luxury retail bag has a sleek sheen and is used as a carrier tote.

GK Digital Touch Titanium Flat Iron GK Digital Touch Titanium Flat Iron

Enjoy flawless styling and smoother hair without excessive heat damage.

GK D700 Titanium Flat Iron GK D700 Titanium Flat Iron

The sleek and stylish upgrade to your beloved GKhair D600 Titanium Flat Iron.

GK One Control Titanium Flat Iron GK One Control Titanium Flat Iron

Featuring just one button to control all functions.

GK Easy Control Titanium Flat Iron GK Easy Control Titanium Flat Iron

You can toggle between the functions of this iron using the interactive modern interface.