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Itely Hairfashion is currently available in (OR / WA / ID) through Bassett Salon Solutions.
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Colorly 2020 Colorly 2020

For unparalleled condition, shine and manageability!

Oxily 2020 Cream Developer Oxily 2020 Cream Developer

An oxidizing emulsion enriched with conditioning agents and specific raw materials that increase color absorption and protects hair.

Aquarely Color Aquarely Color

Purchase 12 tubes and get a FREE Developer through 4/30/21!

Aquarely Cream Developers Aquarely Cream Developers

Less aggressive cream developer with Phyto wheat protein conditioners. Conditions and protects hair.

Aquarely Blond Compact Bleach Aquarely Blond Compact Bleach

Bleaching powder with a lavender color and lavender scent that conditions and protects while lifting.

DelyTon Color DelyTon Color

DelyTON is a non-progressive, deposit only haircolor that’s easy to use.

DelyTon Activator DelyTon Activator

Deposit only cream activator with a silk protein conditioning base.

Blondly Bleaching Cream Blondly Bleaching Cream

The bleaching cream that lightens up to 7 shades in perfect safety.

Easily Blond 2020 Easily Blond 2020

An innovative bleaching and decolorizing powder formulated with micro-granular technology.

Riflessi Color Mask Riflessi Color Mask

Bring New Life To Your Color with this conditioning and reviving mask!

Light Passion Toner Light Passion Toner

A new ammonia-free toner cream for bleached hair. Free your creativity with eight tempting hues!

Advanced Contrast Advanced Contrast

Advanced Contrast combines the high-lift action and incomparable benefits of Easily Blond with the fiery brilliance of ultra-intense toning pigments to deliver the perfect one-step dimensional color service.

Procolorist Scalp Protector Procolorist Scalp Protector

Special protective fluid for the skin enriched with the exclusive Hyalu Colorplex and calming agents.

Procolorist Derma Shield Procolorist Derma Shield

Prevents color stains on the perimeter of the skin. Does not interfere with color penetration.

Procolorist Revivor Pro Procolorist Revivor Pro

Precious nutritious post technical conditioning service. Apply after dyes, bleaches, permanent and ironing services.

Procolorist Color Cleaner Procolorist Color Cleaner

Specific double-action fluid: eliminates traces of color on the skin after color application delivering decongestant and soothing action.

Procolorist Xtraordin Hair Procolorist Xtraordin Hair

This amazing multi-functional and biphasic, no-rinse solution contains 10 restructuring actions.

Procolorist After Color Shampoo Procolorist After Color Shampoo

Designed for post technical service with exclusive Hyalu Colorplex, After Color Shampoo prolongs color intensity and improves brilliance.

Procolorist  Equalizer Procolorist Equalizer

Rebalancing spray for damaged and porous hair. Used to prepare the hair for chemical services.

Itely Blossom Color Itely Blossom Color

Semi-Permanent Direct Colour based on micro pigments that produce beautiful amplified fantasy colours. In seven vivid rainbow shades.

Itely OMB Blonde Toner Itely OMB Blonde Toner

Ammonia free toner cream for bleached hair.

Itely OMB Iconic Blonde Itely OMB Iconic Blonde

Innovative, ultra-performance decolorizer enriched with the exclusive &-PLEX Bond Repair.

Itely OMB Dely Blonde Itely OMB Dely Blonde

Ammonia-free, delicate decolorizing powder.

Itely OMB Clay Blonde Itely OMB Clay Blonde

Ideal for free hand lightening techniques, such as balayage, ombre, shatush and splashlight.

Itely OMB Silky Blonde Itely OMB Silky Blonde

Multi-service decolorizing cream ideal for stressed hair.

Itely OMB Sunlight Oil Itely OMB Sunlight Oil

Extraordinary, ammonia-free lightening oil, enriched with the exclusive &-PLEX Bond Repair.

Itely OMB Blonde Sealer Itely OMB Blonde Sealer

A conditioning treatment which helps restore the pH of the scalp and hair after all bleaching services.

Itely OMB Swatch Chart Itely OMB Swatch Chart

OH MY BLONDE - Swatch Chart

Itely OMB pH Modulator Itely OMB pH Modulator

Just a few drops is all it takes to mitigate the alkalinity of the toning cream, preventing the lightening of natural hair.

Itely OMB Activator - 5 vol. Itely OMB Activator - 5 vol.

Specifically formulated to guarantee maximum performance when used with Blonde Toner shades together with pH Modulator.

Itely OMB Cool Blonde Spray - 150ml Itely OMB Cool Blonde Spray - 150ml

Leave-in hair color spray with anti-yellowing effect.

Itely OMB Shampoo Itely OMB Shampoo

Spectacular pearl shampoo that delicately hydrates and cleanses bleached and treated hair

Itely OMB Conditioner Itely OMB Conditioner

Conditioner that hydrates and nourishes porous, bleached and treated hair