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Kemon is currently available in (CA / AZ / NV / UT / NM / OR / WA / ID) through Bassett Salon Solutions.
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Lunex Light + Power Bleach, Kit Lunex Light + Power Bleach, Kit

Lunex Light and Power Bleach is a multi-action cosmetic lightening system.

Uni Oxi Cream Developer Uni Oxi Cream Developer

These cream peroxides are designed for use as activators with Coloro Color, Cramer Bleach, Cramer Color, and Lunex System Products.

Lunex Decap Super - 28oz Lunex Decap Super - 28oz

Lunex Decap Super is a vegetable based bleach in compact powder with blue pigment.

Lunex Ultra Cream - 7.5oz Lunex Ultra Cream - 7.5oz

Lunex Ultra is a superior lightening cream with chamomile extract, emollients, blue pigment and a mix of vegetable oils.

Lunex Colorful - 60ml Lunex Colorful - 60ml

Enhance & Embellish Color with Lunex Colorful

Uni.Color Oxi 6.5 - 1000ml Uni.Color Oxi 6.5 - 1000ml

Oxidizing activator in universal cream form for colouring and bleaching.

Lunex Light Fast Lunex Light Fast

Fast-acting leave-in cosmetic lightening treatment that lets you create streaks and highlights in dry hair after styling.

Lunex Restore - 16.9oz Lunex Restore - 16.9oz

Kemon laboratories have been busy creating this Bond Creator Complex - Restore. One product, a vast array of technique and creativity.

Lunex Colorful 2nd Generation Lunex Colorful 2nd Generation

The Lunex Colorful technology, based on effective pigments, ensures a bright, brilliant and lasting color result.

Lunex Super Powder Lunex Super Powder

Super Powder is perfect for hand painting and balayage.