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L'ANZA is currently available in (OR / WA / ID) through Bassett Salon Solutions.
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Color-Cleansing Shampoo Color-Cleansing Shampoo

A color correction tool designed to be mixed with L'ANZA powder Decolorizer.

Vibes Color Vibes Color

High-impact haircolor that creates long-lasting, mirror-reflective results that last up to 20 shampoos.

Healing Color Healing Color

The only haircolor that heals, seals and protects, using L’ANZA’s exclusive Flower Shield Complex® and Keratin Healing System for richer,longer-lasting color.

Healing Color Powder Decolorizer Healing Color Powder Decolorizer

For on or off-scalp lightening. It is dust-free, and infused with just a hint of violet to prevent warmth at any stage during lift.