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Sunlights Balayage is currently available in (OR / WA / ID / UT) through Bassett Salon Solutions
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Sunlights The Balay Box Sunlights The Balay Box

All of the essential tools you need to paint beautiful balayage.

Sunlights The Balay Box 2.0 Sunlights The Balay Box 2.0

The Balay Box has evolved!

Sunlights Balayage Lightener Sunlights Balayage Lightener

Achieves up to seven levels of lift with no heat, and was designed specifically for the Balay Artist.

Sunlights Wash Shampoo Sunlights Wash Shampoo

A gentle, paraben-free and sulfate-free shampoo that prolongs the vibrancy of your Balayage highlights and other hair color services.

Sunlights Rinse Conditioner Sunlights Rinse Conditioner

This ultra-moisturizing conditioner will leave your hair feeling healthy, manageable, and youthful without ever weighing it down.

Sunlights The Balay Brush Sunlights The Balay Brush

Equipped with a rubberized tail comb for quick sectioning, the Artist's paintbrush is a must have for painting hair.

Sunlights The Loader Brush Sunlights The Loader Brush

Great for painting strength to a larger surface area!

Sunlights Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Sunlights Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

This stainless steel, non-metallic bowl helps elevate the experience created during your balayage or color service.

Sunlights The Balay Paddle Sunlights The Balay Paddle

The Artist's palette features a textured surface, ergonomic handle, and lightweight design.

Sunlights The Balay Comb Sunlights The Balay Comb

Candy Shaw's must have comb is a versatile tool intended for creating baby-lights, guy-lights, and also painting Bowlayage.

Sunlights Balayage Clips Sunlights Balayage Clips

Sturdy sectioning clips

Sunlights The Balay Wrap Sunlights The Balay Wrap

The Balay Wrap isolates each section, helping to keep your work clean and organized.

Sunlights Violet Toning Shampoo Sunlights Violet Toning Shampoo

A salon-grade shampoo that neutralizes unwanted brassy tones while adding brightness and shimmer.

Sunlights Frost Toning Conditioner Sunlights Frost Toning Conditioner

A violet based conditioner that brightens and moisturizes, while restoring the pH balance of natural or color treated hair.

Sunlights Suncrème 50vol Developer Sunlights Suncrème 50vol Developer

Designed to maximize lift and reduce processing time. Achieves up to 8 levels of lift.

Sunlights Bleu Toning Shampoo Sunlights Bleu Toning Shampoo

A blue-based shampoo that eliminates unwanted orange and brassiness.

Sunlights Crème Toning Conditioner Sunlights Crème Toning Conditioner

A pH balancing, intensely hydrating conditioner with a kiss of toning blue pigment.

Sunlights Moonlights Foil Lightener Sunlights Moonlights Foil Lightener

The industry's first ever foil specific lightener made with clay!

Sunlights Mooncreme Developer - 32oz Sunlights Mooncreme Developer - 32oz

Give your foils a little extra lift with this 25 vol developer!

Sunlights The Balay Whisk Sunlights The Balay Whisk

The perfect tool to help you achieve the optimal consistency for Sunlights!

Sunlights Seal Anti-Frizz Serum - 3.5oz Sunlights Seal Anti-Frizz Serum - 3.5oz

Repair damaged hair and seal split ends

Sunlights Spritz Conditioning Mist - 8oz Sunlights Spritz Conditioning Mist - 8oz

Creates shine without weight and detangles while it strengthens and smoothes