Curl Cult Regenerate Step Two - 1000ml
Curl Cult Regenerate Step Two - 1000ml


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Stops the processing of the LIBERATE Step One Permanent Styling Lotion and locks a new texture pattern in the hair. Get Certified at

Curl Cult has reinvented the perm and curl category, with new technologies and smart solutions to make it easy for hairstylists and clients alike. The Curl Cult protein perm solution opens the cuticle layer and infuses nourishing pea protein deep into the hair shaft.

Paired with the Plex technology we already know and love (enter PisumProtex™ technology), this lets you manipulate the disulphide bonds to create whatever hair texture you want while getting a consistent result with healthy, hydrated hair every time.

Neutralize right over the top, less stink - 90% of the service is done at the chair! Vegan - Cruelty Free - Sulfate + Surfactant Free - Paraben Free - Made in Italy

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