Glorifying Treatment Pre Colour - 125ml
Glorifying Treatment Pre Colour - 125ml


Our Price: (Registered Professionals Only)

Product Code: D-GPRE

A protective fluid for the scalp, to be applied before the colour service; it has been formulated to prevent the appearance of any irritative phenomena which can sometimes arise during the colour service in sensitive subjects. This is a technical product for professional use only. Its formula has been studied so as to guarantee optimal protection for the scalp without interfering with colour penetration inside the hair.

The product is suitable for all scalp types: we suggest using the product both on subjects with no particular sensitivity problems in
order to keep the scalp healthy, hydrated and firm, and on subjects with sensitivity tendencies in order to eliminate or reduce the itchiness which can arise during the colour service. It has a pH of 7, neutral, so as to be even more delicate on the scalp.

The product is perfume-free.
Glorifying Pre Colour is dermatologically tested.
Professional Use Only.

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